Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Santa came early for me to help with holiday baking, 

Isn't it beautiful!? I'm in love.

I hope this Holiday is wonderful for everyone, filled of laughter, family, and friends.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello December, I miss Disney

Hi everyone, I just realized how long I've been MIA for - my last post was nearly a month ago. 

At the end of November I was in the happiest place on Earth - Disney World.  My immediate and I haven't had been there in a good seven years and I think my mom realized how long its been and how we should never go that long without going. It really amazing (I so want to get married there, hehe - I need $ and a boy first).  It was Suzie's (Steven's (my brother) girlfriend aka future sister-in-law) first trip to this wonderful place and I think she was sold on the Disney magic. My mother actually teared up during the fireworks show, she says there's something about Jiminy Cricket's voice asking you to make a wish. 

I am so glad to have been raised in a family that appreciates Disney magic, dreams, and each other.  We can't help but already talking about our next trip and I can't help but already dream about taking my future family on their first trip.

Going in November has its perks, although it was still quite warm, Disney World was in the Christmas spirit and the decorations were oh so beautiful.

absolutely breathtaking 

Here's me, my sister, Minne, and my Mom (none of us are looking the right way but it's still cute)

Epcot & Hollywood Studios (which I called MGM the whole time)

I also had the opportunity to go to Hogwarts, which was amazing! & I got to try Butterbeer, which was worth the trip!  I'm quite the Harry Potter fan, so we took the trip over for my benefit. :)

nom nom nom 

We arrived back in New Jersey just in time for Thanksgiving, because of our Vacation, my aunt took over the holiday and my mom and I just prepared some apps and desserts.  I might have some pictures somewhere and will post them + recipes when I find my camera (it's at home and I'm posting this from school, womp) - so bare with me! 

I would love if someone could take me back to Disney, I have a few more memories to make and a few more pictures to take.

What your favorite Disney memory?