Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy 11/11/11 - make a wish, I'd tell you mine but then it wouldn't come true.  I did try to keep it general so it could possibly come true in any wonderful fashion.  Another wish of mine is to be a better blogger - I don't post often enough and I feel like I don't know how to chit chat when I do post.  

While at school, my lack of oven/stove/fire keeps me from making goodies and nom nom's.  That will totally (hopefully) change when I graduate in 2013 and start culinary school.  I actually hope that I will restart my blogging adventure with something new when that time comes.

Have I ever mentioned that's my plan? I want to graduate my current school, pick up that psychology degree I've been hard at work on, then go cook and then become a Registered Dietitian - I really can't wait but it's a bit off so I consume my time researching and researching and researching anything and everything about nutrition and health and becoming and RD.  I've read the ADA's website over and over again and have found some inspirational blogs that are written by career changers who now pursue a career in dietetics.  

Then I'd like to get a job and find someone to pay for my Masters...or Ph.D.
I kind of dread being in school that long (that's something I've been struggling with but I think more undergrad is the best option for starting over at the age of 22 [plus it comes with culinary school], but I do have another year to figure it all out) but I hope that since I'll be learning about something I love, I'll be happy.  School has always been my thing, maybe because it's the only thing I've ever had to do in my young life but, I've always been so good at it.  However, I don't love school now (I kind of hate it) because its not a perfect fit, not a perfect place for me, and I'm not studying my perfect subject (even if I'm excelling at it).

This plan (& my best friends) is (are) what has kept me going so far in my college career (it's too late just to transfer out now - and it makes more sense to finish in every way possible so, just take my word for it) and hopefully will keep me going during my Senior year.
At my school now, (The College of New Jersey) not to brag, I ammm doing quite well for myself (& personally consider myself a Psychology prodigy - if anyone reading knows anything about Social Psychological research, I'd love to chat about it).

These are just some wishes of mine, what about yours? I wish that it comes true.

Speaking of wishes! Next Saturday, I will be departing for DISNEY WORLD - where all wishes come true.  I cannot wait, I need a vacation.

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