Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cookies for Baby Jackson!

Jenna and I go way back to Kindergarten but soon she'll have her own kindergartener, well in 5 years.  Her mother through her a lovely baby shower but I couldn't resist having my own to celebrate my best friend and our new baby.

and I can never resist baking or the attempt at decorating sugar cookies - I want to be impressive as some of the other blogs I stalk and will need all the practice I can get! 

So Many Cookiesssssss! 
I like pretending I'm professional and using fancy boxes 
oh, and cupcakes are delicious too!
Chocolate ones with Buttercream Frosting. mmm...
Baby is obviously a boy and I can't wait till he graces us with his presence - should be any day now.  He's going to be an amazing baby, hopefully he'll take after his mommy.  For now, I'll dream up his 1st birthday cake. ;)

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