Friday, June 10, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Memorial Day ice cream dessert - what to make on a hot American holiday (when you're obsessed with your ice cream maker) and have a bunch of kids to serve? I think Ice Cream Sandwiches fit the bill.
Super simple, super yummy, with endless possibities


Ice cream - Strawberry & Lemon (homemade)
Cookies - Chocolate & Sugar (store bought)
Sprinkles  - American

Make ice cream according to recipe - I used:


When Ice Cream is soft, sandwich it between two cookies (I bought the cookies to make my life easier but I really wanted to make my own - but these from the supermarket bakery turned out so perfect) 
I used Chocolate cookies for the Strawberry and Sugar cookies for the Lemon

Roll the cookie sandwiches in sprinkles or whatever other toppings you'd like 

Let harden in the freezer and serve - the cookies I used didn't get mushy, they got soft and the chocolate ones, almost brownie like. These were frozen and soft and delicious and oh so cute.


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